10 things that autism parents worry about

Are you an autism parent? What do you worry about?

I have been talking to autism parents for a lot of years, and have compiled an unofficial list of the top ten things that they worry about. Does this list resonate with you? You can click on each “worry” and find a article that might help:



  1. Worrying about the future. What will happen when I’m gone?  The BIGGEST worry by far.
  2. Handling Meltdowns/Aggression
  3. Best and most effective treatment?
  4. Feeding Problems/ Sleeping
  5. Helping my child make friends/Social Skills
  6. What about the siblings?
  7. Toilet Training
  8. Transition to adulthood/ Puberty /Dating
  9. Finding a time for myself/ finding helpers
  10. Training for teachers

What are your concerns? Let’s help each other!!