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John and big brother Matthew.

A bump in the road–part one

Author's note and disclaimer: This post discusses medical stuff, but I am using (mostly) lay terms to describe the experience. When my son John, who is 22, came back from a summer job in New … Read full article

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How to Succeed at Inclusion

Special Education FAQ: 
“My son, who has autism, just started school. He was supposed to be in an inclusion class, but they moved him after 3 days because he kept trying to leave. I guess he’s happy in his small special-day class, but I don’t want to give up on inclusion. Any suggestions?”
Answer: I’m turning this one over to my […]


A brief history of motherhood, autism style

25 things about autism mothering, from the archives.
(updated to reflect my current reality)
1) My husband and I planned on having our first child after two years of marriage.Matthew beat us by 2 months.

First baby — best day ever.

2) I took Matthew on a job interview when he was eight weeks old because I couldn’t bear to leave him […]


You know it’s really love when…

I tiptoed into the kitchen a little after 6am to grab a quick breakfast before waking Matthew.  He’d been home for a week long summer break, and would be heading back to Camphill California near Santa Cruz, where he lives and works.
“I’m ready,” Matthew said, and I jumped. He was fully dressed and shaved, a […]