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Plaid on plaid on plaid

Autism FAQ: Which battles are not worth fighting?

“I’m ready,” called Matthew from his room, just as our family was getting ready to leave for a “fancy” family celebration. He emerged proudly, wearing garden boots, a nice pair of pants, it’s top button strained by three plaid shirts (one thick flannel) layered and tucked in.
This look was not going to work, but Matthew [...]

Lightening Up

Lightening Up

News Flash! Being the parent of a child with autism can be stressful! You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just need to lighten up. My story…
Matthew started making signs when he was 13.
When it was my turn to host the Book Club meeting, he would tape a “welcome book club” sign to the mantle [...]


Autism FAQ: How can I motivate my teen/adult to exercise?

15 strategies to motivate teens/adults with autism to exercise
At Matthew’s IPP Meeting last year, (Individual Program Plan–more about what that is HERE) we got on the topic of recreation. What does Matthew like to do in his spare time? What does his social life look like? What goals should we set for the future? “I would love [...]