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Teaching people to be nice

Autism FAQ: What to do when people aren’t nice

We were at a family gathering, and my aunt refused to sit next to my child at the table. I was so hurt, I just lost it, which made things worse (to say the least.) Any ideas for how to handle these scenes in the future?
Yuck, I am so sorry. Let me tell you how I [...]

Grandma's house

Choosing Mom

I was lonely. I had a newborn and a  2-year old, and my family had just moved to a small ranch house in Lafayette, a suburb of San Francisco. Luckily, we were just twenty minutes away from my parent’s house, which was great, because my parents loved spending time with their grandsons, and I cherished [...]


Autism, parenting, and learning from my mistakes

Matthew more than survived my autism parenting mistakes
My son Matthew is approaching his 28th birthday. That would make me a well seasoned autism mom who has learned from doing and  making a zillion mistakes along the way.
Here is a partial list of key mistakes that I have learned from:

Stressing math and reading at every IEP [...]