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I’m happy for you, be happy for me.

I ran into Sam (not his real name) the newlywed son of an old friend of mine, at CVS. He is Matthew’s age (28) and I had not seen him for a while. Sam was always a cute kid, but man oh man, he is now a magnificent adult–tall, handsome, confident. He was dressed in his [...]


Autism: Understanding forgiveness

I was really, really nervous. During a visit to the east coast the first week of May, Matthew and I stopped by Camphill Soltane, the college program for people with disabilities that he attended in his late teens and early twenties. This was not just casual homecoming for Matthew. We were here because he wanted desperately [...]

Teaching people to be nice

Autism FAQ: What to do when people aren’t nice

We were at a family gathering, and my aunt refused to sit next to my child at the table. I was so hurt, I just lost it, which made things worse (to say the least.) Any ideas for how to handle these scenes in the future?
Yuck, I am so sorry. Let me tell you how I [...]